APRENDE KUNG FU CON MONJES SHAOLIN (viviendo en templo chino)

Have you seen Avatar: The Legend of Aang? No, it’s not those blue guys It's an animated series from Nickelodeon where the main character, Aang, it’s from the Air Nation tribe which is inspired by real monks

That’s why it’s been a longlife dream to learn kungfu in China That’s why I’m in Dali a small town in China in the Yunnuan province where I’ll be several months learning from Shaolin monks If you like traditional Chinese architecture you have to visit Dali, it looks like just like the China I wanted to see Just check the hostel I’m staying so you can understand what I’m saying Before arriving to the temple, I’m getting ready as there’s no electricity there

I have my chargers ready Got my towel too[00:01:3920 Bought toilet paper Also, I’m doing something more crazy… it’s not necessary, but let me show you

Have you asked yourself why monks shave their head? Me too Today we will find out [In this precise moment, Sergio realized that he’s fuc—] All my life… since childhood, people has recognized by my hair This is something that I have never done Shave and not feel it

It will be weird Let’s see… Damn I did it What do you think? I feel weird [True agony] Now that I’m shaved… let’s go to the temple

Here’s the full Dali map This is the hostel I’m staying I’ll take a taxi, that will take me here and just walk the mountain to arrive to the temple Also, it has a “Caicun” [Cancun] copying Mexico as usual

I found this temple thanks to a blog, of an american guy who lived there Learning Kungfu So I said: “I gotta go there” I’m almost there I’m excited And tired, lol

[Overexcited] I made it Can’t promise too much content as I want to experience the place I’ll see next week, and I’ll show you more about this place [One week later] So it’s been a week, now I can tell you more about it Most interesting part is that, they have a precise itinerary for the whole day

You know what will happen all the time At 530 am, the chants start it wakes you up and stay relaxed meanwhile listening It’s an hour long

At 6:30 am we fully wake up, we put our shoes and we run 500 meters to arrive at the cascade Where we choose a rock that we will take straight to the temple You will need patience to make it Also, we use the morning hours to see the sunrise Looking how it arrives from the city We also meditate from 10 or 15 minutes

Simple we get ready for the upcoming day Now, let me show how this temple looks So you can immerge on this experience with me Pretty rad, huh? The temple’s name is WuWeiSi which translates to “action without action”

that’s the philosophy lived here Everything has a time and order, everyday is precise It’s a simple, buddhist and minimalist life Now, let me show where I’m sleeping I’m lucky to get the luxury room

[TARAN] It’s not the best, but it’s part of the experience Just the minimum to live well This is my bed The wall has some written of past students Here’s my towel and scared being dried

Here are my slippers My clothes My toiletry bag My glasses Here are my backpacks

My jacket By the way, we do have an electricity outlet I can charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time It's enough for everyone's electronics At 7:30 am we do some stretching exercises, half and hour before breakfast

Let me show more about the food in here Let’s talk about food First of all, obviously you’ll use chopsticks You’ll have to learn how to use them You’ll have your own dish that you’ll reuse and clean each time

They bring a big dish that’s in the center of the table Usually it’s soup And then six small dishes, that we share altogether We eat in complete silence, there’s a sign that says “Be quiet” It’s an interesting experience because, you are concentrated eating and also, listening others chewing and stuff

An hour after breakfast, here’s where we start training We do long stretching exercises, like, trying to open our legs as much as possible To the point of having good overall flexibility Getting ready to everyday’s exercise Even some abs exercises

You can train: Kung Fu Or Tai Chi We use this forecourt to train basic Shaolin movements until we learn to do complete sets Meals are completely vegetarian I love it

Usually is rice, lots of vegetables, nuts, rice or egg noodles, even some spicy They serve very, very well… after every meal I’m way too full Won’t deny, tho, that after some weeks I miss eastern food Like a pizza or a burger But I can handle eating this food every day

Quite tasty After main meal, there’s a 4 hours long break First, I do a nap Then I stay here In this beautiful pond

Usually I read books, chatting with my new friends, trying to speak with the locals in chinese, playing Nintendo, or simply nothing Just being present If you remember, this is the main entrance of the temple It’s also, a different area to train some movements At 4:00 pm, we start our second training of the day

First, some strechings Then, we train the Shaolin movements that we have learnt Even tho, there are always touristing checking us out Here, we train for 2 hours Until we are saved by the bell

Which means, that it’s time to eat for the last time in the day I’m hungry! Moreover, we don’t drink water while eating It’s only after you finish your food By the way, water is taken from here These tubes comes from the upper mountains

It’s completely healthy We do some prayers, saying: “Ami tuo fo” which means “Buddha bless you” or the catholic version of “God bless you” so we pray to everyone’s food Lastly, it’s importan to talk about the monks The most important one is the “Shifu” It’s the master who takes care of the temple

Everytime we see, we have to say “Ami tuo fo” This Shifu is just how you expect from the real ones! Funny Bald And a biiig beard I’m sad, tho, that I can’t talk chinese because, after meals, he gathers everyone to talk about Shaolin, buddhim and much more

So, that’s how we live everyday in the temple Only thing left, are the night chants Around 7 or 8 pm, sun’s gone missing so there’s only time for sleep and start over I’ll tell you more when my days here are over [Three weeks later] It’s been three weeks since last time we talked I’m in Dali, in a beautiful coffee place And man, it’s been a incredible experience

Very happy to spent so many days learning kungfu If you stay only one week, you could learn one Shaolin set Like this: Isn’t cool for such small period of learning it? I wanted to stay longer as you can learn weapons like swords Or staff, like this I learnt: I fulfilled my dream to learn staff Finally can consider myself as an version of Aang

If you’d like to, there’s no website Just go to Dali Show up Ask And pay per week

Any age is good for kungfu At 30’s 20’s 40’s Just be cautious: At least you should’ve done some exercise before, or else… You won’t be there for long

There will be more info about the temple on written article in my blog If you want to see my hair back, give me a thumbs up Write a comment here about my hair… or about the kungfu experience Please share it with others interested in this stuff See you in the adventure!